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About Prince Rupert for Prince Rupert, British Columbia and Area

When you want to know Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Overview of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

There are many things to see and discover in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, one can never be bored. Whether it is enjoying fine food at any of the dining spots, experiencing the night life or go shopping, there is something there for everyone. With a population of 14 643, Prince Rupert is still a small community. Although the size is minor, the people in the city will be warm and welcoming to any new residents or visitors. If you go there for business or pleasure, you will not be disappointed in Prince Rupert, BC.

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  • Population: 14 643
  • Population Density: 266.7/km²
  • Area: 54.9/km²
  • Latitude: 54°18?43.9?N
  • Longitude: 130°19?37.5?W
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Time Zone: Pacific
  • Language: English
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From the local to the global - PrinceRupertDirect.info

History of Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Archeological records and oral history makes note that the occupants of the area for more than 10,000 years were the Tsimshian First Nations people. The city was founded by Charles Hays, who died on the RMS Titanic. Prince Rupert, BC was incorporated on March 10th, 1910 and named after Prince Rupert of the Rhine. The city first began as a tent camp and western construction terminal for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, which became the Canadian National Railway. Later, the CNR docks were added and the city became a main seaport. With many hardships over the years, Prince Rupert still continues to grow and be successful.

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Prince Rupert's Demographics

Prince Rupert has a population of 14 643 (2001). The total dwellings in this city are 6201 and the total land area is 2 973.57/km².

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Prince Rupert's Climate

The average climate for July, in Prince Rupert is 15.5°C and in January the average temperature is -2.2°C. The annual precipitation is 236.9cm. The city benefits from moderate marine climate. Temperatures in the winter are around freezing and in the summer the high teens, low twenties.

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Education in Prince Rupert, British Columbia

In Prince Rupert, there are several different schools to chose from and get the best education you can. There are several different elementary schools including Conrad Street Elementary School. There are also a few secondary schools including Charles Hays Secondary School, the founder of Prince Rupert. As for post-secondary schools, there are some choices, including the Northwest Community College, whose programs and services are created to better serve the community of Prince Rupert.

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Transportation around Prince Rupert, British Columbia

While in Prince Rupert, visitors and residents have many options of getting around the city. There are several taxi cab services available, which include Skeena Taxi that offers fast, clean and reliable service and is available 24 hours a day. You can rent a car from Argus Car Rentals which provides low costs. There are also several tours of the city one can embark on which are very reliable and comfortable.

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Tourism and Attractions of Prince Rupert

In British Columbia's Price Rupert, there are many tourist attractions to see. Visitors can stop at Cow Bay which is located ten minutes from downtown, Butze Rapids, Roosevelt Park, First Nations carving shed, Totem Park, Sunken Gardens that is originally excavated as the foundation of a Court House and used for munitions storage during World War II, then turned into lovely gardens, and many more exciting attractions to see!

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Surrounding Communities

  • Prince Rupert
  • Port Essington
  • Port Edward
  • Metlakatla

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Geography of Prince Rupert, British Columbia

The city is located on Kaien Island, around 770 km north of Vancouver, just north of the mouth of the famous Skeena River, that is connected by a short bridge to the mainland. Prince Rupert is located on the island's northwestern shore, fronting Prince Rupert Harbour.

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Prince Rupert's Government

Prince Rupert is represented by a Municipal Government. The current Mayor is Herb Pond. The current City Councilors are Nelson Kinney, Ken Cote, Kathy Bedard, Sheila Gordon-Payne, Joy Thorkelson and Tony Brigilio.

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Prince Rupert's Economy and Industry

Prince Rupert relies mainly on the following industries to keep its thriving economy increasing. The fishing industry, port, and tourism. During 1951-2001, the city also benefited from the Watson Island Pulp Mill. Recently, in 2004, the pulp mill was reopened with new management, and the city added a new cruise ship dock, and the revival of coal and grain shipping.

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Prince Rupert's Culture and Significant Events

Prince Rupert, British Columbia has many cultural and significant events that happen throughout each year. On January 1st, people can take part in the Polar Bear Swim, in June, residents can enjoy the three day festival of the Seafest Celebrations, in July, Canada Day celebrations, in October, Halloween Fest, and in December, Winterfest. Each event is exciting and important to the community of Prince Rupert.

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Sports in Prince Rupert, British Columbia

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Media of Prince Rupert

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